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"Steeped in history and uniquely located along the shores of Lake Erie just 15 minutes south of downtown Buffalo. Wanakah offers facilities, service and activities that place it among Western New York's most elite country clubs."

"With an exclusive, yet welcoming membership, and a professional, service-oriented staff, Wanakah Country Club offers one of the region's most scenic and exciting golf course experiences, as well as top-notch tennis, pool, patio, restaurant, and special event facilities."

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History of Wanakah

Warren Phelps King, president of Liberty Brass Foundry in Buffalo, as with many others in his circle of friends, joined the prestigious Buffalo Club for social and professional contracts, but longed for a golfing facility nearby.    King was a regular summertime visitor at the Eyncourt Inn overlooking Lake Erie in the small community of Wanakah.   During the summer in 1899 he and his friends fixed their attention on a 70 acre tract of open land and declared it ideal for such a purpose. 

By the summer of 1900 the club’s membership roster exceeded 50 and a small clubhouse costing $2,000 was opened. A two mile long nine hole golf course was in place and the honored tradition of challenging golf at Wanakah was set to begin.  Initiation Fees were $5 and Annual Dues were set at $10. 

1912 and 1913 marked the tangible beginning of physical change at the Wanakah Golf Club.  Ground was formally broken for the proposed addition to the original clubhouse, the course was expanded from nine holes to eighteen holes and several active catalysts for change, paved the way for the exiting transformation of their facility to the Wanakah Country Club.

Wanakah’s family oriented programs have been in place since the beginning.   This is an article from the Buffalo Evening News – September 21, 1921

Wanakah Country Club blazed a new and interesting golf trail yesterday when it staged what is believed to be the first father-daughter tournament in the history of the game.  The Wanakah affair was a huge success, and when a club can put eighteen father and daughter teams in the field it can fairly claim precedence as a live family sport organization.  Wanakah Club is noted for its devotion to the true spirit of sport and the merry joust yesterday was something out of the ordinary and something genuinely keen and vivid. 

The opening of the newly designed eighteen hole course by Willie Watson for the 1925 golfing season generated increased interest and enthusiasm among the membership for the next major change scheduled to take place at the club.    The Board turned their attention to completing the final arrangements for the construction of a grand and impressive new clubhouse.

In 1935, the two clay tennis courts, originally installed in 1913 and located near the southwestern boundary of the present day driving range, were resurfaced.  The courts remained in that area and continued to serve the members well into the following decade.

In 1959 the impressive pool facility and bathhouse were open for member use.

In 1976 members placed a time capsule in the ground between the clubhouse and pool entrance.   The capsule holds contemporary items and will be opened by WCC members in 2076.